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You only need an iPhone or iPad. Make sure you have at least 40 MB of disk space and the lastest iOS updates. At least iOS 10 is recommended to get the best out of our app.

From in-app purchase. Download to app from the app store, then subscribe from the main menu inside the app.

Sure - you can install and use NspectPro on any device you have without buying an extra license. Your purchased subscriptions work on all of your devices.

Absolutely. Your inspections are saved on the cloud so you can access them from any device you have, and the data will also be there when you swith to a new phone too. Go to the app settings and make sure that iCloud is enabled.

Yes - you have to enable iCloud from the app settings then all saved jobs will be automatically synced to the cloud and you can finish your inspection from any device you have.

Yes - you can start the inspection and hand it over to someone else to continue the work. Use export and import functions in the app to send your inspections to your colleagues.

Yes - you only need internet connection just to email or share your report. When there is no internet, your inspections will be saved to your phone and once you're back on wifi or cellula data, they will automatically sync to the cloud.

Yes - there are many ways to put photos onto your report.

1. Phone's camera - Use in-app taking photo button to take photos. Photos will be included onto your report and your phone's camera roll at the same time.

2. Camera roll - We have a bulk import feature so you can select multiple photos from your camera roll and import them all together in one click.

3. External camera - To use photos taken with your external camera or Thermal Camera, transfer them to your phone's camera roll first. You can use AirDrop, iCloud, iTune or USB connection to do so.

Yes - once you've done the inspection, they can review and sign the report rightaway on your phone or tablet using just their finger.

Yes - you can customize our template anyway you want. For example, you can add another bathroom or create your own items. Any changes will be automatically saved to the template so they will be there in your future inspections.

Yes - you can add or change all the data you want from the report settings. You can also add new pages and custom contents to the report. Any changes you've made will be automatically applied to the current report and all future reports.

Yes - just create new report templates, each with different report settings such as company name and company logo. Then you can switch back and forth between then whenever needed.

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